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ISN International Security Netcompany SA is a company of ISE Group that provides consulting and services in the security sector

ISN is a qualified companythat, using the certifications acquired over the years, supports small and large companies in the preparation and management of the security sector, certifications and monitoring of international standards.

The experience gained in the industrial, multimodal logistics and critical infrastructures sector, allows us today to meet thespecific needsof our customers by directing them to the best training and implementation path, capable of responding to the needs of both active security (security) and passive (safety).

The company facilitates the support activities to its customers also through the use of the innovative WSP Platform, a highly advanced specific technology that allows to provide public and private companies with an adequate “Quality Management System and Integrated Security” to reduce risks and manage, monitor and optimize the activities carried out.

With the use of this innovative IT technology, ISN offers a tested support also in the field of research, study and analysis, with practical and economic advantages in the medium / long term, supporting and improving functions and roles for which they have always been carried out solely by human resources.


ISN International Security Netcompany SA operates in the Security & Risk Management sector and carries out professional consultancy and security management activities with the aim of creating and monitor Security Plans and Security Operational Programs and support companies to obtain and to mantain International certifications and standards including:

  • Standard SA8000:2014 Social Accountability,
  • C-TPAT U.S. Customs and Border Protection,
  • ENAC (Italian Civic Aviation Authority),
  • AEO-F (Authorized Economic Operator) International Customs
  • TAPA (Trasported Asset Protection Association)
  • UNI 10459:2017 Cepas Accredia
  • Cyber Security and Business Continuity

The company operates with Customs Authorities and International Certification entities.


We are convinced that an analytical approach, the constant study of the dynamics of the national and international scenario, the adoption of innovative tools, adequate training and the correct analysis of risks contribute to ensuring high standards of protection which can generate value, increase skills and optimize resources, time and costs in every context.


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