Security & Safety first. Always...

Our safety and that of our customers is a top priority for us.

ISE Group adopt the decision of the Swiss Federal Council and the measures enacted to contain the spread of COVID 19. This has repercussions on our services in Switzerland and abroad.
All activities are however guaranteed in “remote service”, adopting the necessary measures that allow us to remain available.

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IQNet Association - The International Certification Network

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The ISE International Supervisors & Experts SA is a consolidated partner in the intelligence and security sector: we support small and medium-sized companies as well as large companies in the complete and integrated management of company processes in the field of security.


We promote a culture of security through the development of innovative technologies to support companies, organizations and institutions in intelligence and security activities. We develop advanced systems and identify the best partners for our clients for integrated, shared and qualified security. Oriented to an economic, environmental and social sustainability.


We contribute to spread a culture of security among companies, partners, suppliers, organizations and people. We guide people and organizations to develop the awareness that prevention activities aimed at security and protection are always important. When it comes to companies, its correct and effective management translates into time and money.

We carry out a highly qualified activity by delivering support and solutions for the implementation and management of integrated Security Systems to the market, acting alongside companies and institutions, drawing up projects with related plans for security (active), safety (passive) and emergency.

We do this through constant research and development, the implementation of guidelines and procedures, compliance with national and international safety regulations, security quality and performance controls, specific training courses and a network of service providers active on the market.

Thanks to the skills and activities of the companies that make up our Group, we support our customers from all points of view, through strategic consultancy, supply of useful tools for the constant monitoring of security processes, performance evaluation with a proactive perspective of dedicated projects.


We are convinced that an analytical approach, the constant study of the dynamics of the national and international scenario, the adoption of innovative tools, adequate training and the correct analysis of risks contribute to ensuring high standards of protection which can generate value, increase skills and optimize resources, time and costs in every context.