Information and security in the protection of churches. Protection of people and safeguarding of artistic and cultural heritage


The problem of protecting critical infrastructures is very complex and includes today, in Italy and abroad, also places of worship.

The Catholic churches are not only the places where the Christian community meets to pray and to hear the word of God, they represent the set of goods, which for particular historical, cultural and aesthetic importance are of public interest and, as such, vulnerable both against vandalism threats that of natural events of particular relevance, but also of terrorist actions.

The book is the fruit of a study that wants to stimulate greater attention among the actors involved in the interest of both the Communities and the churches in Italy, thus involving clients and designers (architects, artists, artisans and technicians) so that the issues of safety and security fall within the activity of “preventive design of security ”as an integral part of the very conception and configuration of a sacred space that also takes into account emerging risks.

The aim is to raise awareness of security risks by ensuring that it develops in each phase of structural implementation up to the furnishing and adoption of methods of analysis of the flows of people in its “use”.

The indications that emerge from the study can represent a reference trace (methodical and normative) both for the evaluation of new projects and for the adaptation of existing situations.