Fight againts counterfeiting

Analysis of the phenomenon, organizations, links with organized crime, preventive and repressive activity on the international scene.

The content, of about 300 pages, is summarized below by the author: Counterfeiting has always traveled in step with all the products of important brands and not. The origins of the phenomenon are in ancient times and there are many examples that testify to the presence of the phenomenon in the history. Often considered as a minor infringement, industrial and commercial counterfeiting now accounts for 5 to 7% of world trade. The traffic it generates is now becoming a serious threat, not only for the world economy, but also for long-term development, representing one of the new fields of interest as well as counterfeiters, organized crime. A very long story, a recurring problem, but with decidedly different repercussions and evolved in the last few years in a dangerous form, which has aroused an awareness, both nationally and internationally. Given the complexity of the phenomenon, the book is an analysis of information from research on open sources, from direct contacts with Authorities, Institutions, Associations, Companies and interested persons involved in the fight against the phenomenon. A fundamental part in this commitment against counterfeiting is attributed in the book to Corporate Security, that corporate structure designed to deal with and overcome events that are harmful to corporate property, and intellectual and industrial property is.

The Book by Stefano Izzi with the contribution of Cons. Antonello Colosimo is published by FrancoAngeli.