Intelligence and information management

The volume follows and is linked to two previous texts I wrote with Franco Angeli on the issues of combating counterfeiting and security in intermodal infrastructures.

This book concludes a “trilogy” which is the result of a study cycle carried out in collaboration with prof. Antonello Colosimo, who foresaw the in-depth study of specific issues in terms of intelligence analysis, security and the consequent applicability of operational methodologies for those structures, public and private, which make security and prevention a priority to safeguard the individual and corporate asset. The texts therefore all follow a basic criterion, for those who study the subject scientifically, which is to make the entire work procedure known and public, so that the theses dealt with and exposed can be the object of comparison and verification. For this reason, the study and development of ideas is always accompanied by practical application in security structures.
Thank you for the contributions in the text:
Manlio Strano: Councilor of the Court of Auditors, Secretary General of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers. From 1973 on duty at the Legislative Office of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers. He is the author of publications on legal issues.
Giorgio Toschi: General of the Commander Division of the Tax Police School of the Guardia di Finanza. He commanded the Special Unit of the Currency Police and the Regional of Florence. He teaches at the Institutes of Body Education and at various Universities.
Alessandro Zanasi: ESRIF Member (at European Commission) as intelligence and security expert. Professor of “Knowledge Management and Data Mining” at the Universities of Bologna and Modena.
Moreover for the study activity carried out by the Risk Analysis Unit of Izzi Consulting, Chiara Balestri, Barbara Balzano, Massimo Cicatelli and my collaborators Angela D’Ettorre, Emilio Luchetta, Massimo Cotrozzi.