Security and protection of modern operational units of intervention

The constant change in International scenarios reveals the need for constant specialization of military units on the basis of the various operational theaters in which they must intervene with efficiency, effectiveness and absolute speed.

This evolution of men, means and technologies has led to the definition of Operating Units specifically designated by the armed forces (as for modern police bodies) to conduct special operations not only with elite departments but also with specialized departments for particular operations. Operational activities today consist of a complex of intermodal, multi-environmental and normally non-obvious movements and transfers, as well as communications, logistic activities and actions on the objective with which a unit of limited organic consistency but with a high operational profile infiltrates a objective area, achieves in the same results of strategic importance and subsequently returns to its base.

For this reason, the vehicle equipment of these departments is decisive. The vehicles currently available to these departments are constantly evolving because they must be able to guarantee reliability and safety in hostile or non-permissive contexts, even for a long time.

The book covers the history of special vehicles produced in Italian and reaches the present day to highlight the excellence of the sector. An Italian pride