Intelligence and security analysis in airports

The security device in all airports has been enhanced by raising the level of sensitivity of technological equipment (metal detector sensors) in order to carry out targeted and continuous checks on all staff. 

Measures not sufficient to avert the assaults.

In the text that was prepared for the Master Thesis of Stefano Izzi it is highlighted how to analyze the vulnerabilities of the areas and thus strengthen the garrisons at the entrances with the faculty to inspect suitcases and check documents well before access to gates manned by private vigilantes.

A brief description of the preventive intelligence activity will be found, with verification of the personnel in the holds, the catering and all the ground services to prevent any complicity with persons linked to organized crime and fundamentalism that could use the employees as «basisti». Just as unfortunately then the succession of events will demonstrate.

La *sicurezza in ambito aeroportuale : master in Intellicence and security / Stefano Izzi. – Roma : [s.n.], 2004. – 80 c. ; 30 cm. ((In testa al front.: Link campus University of Malta in Roma.

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