Made in Italy as protection of the national industrial heritage

Protecting the Made in Italy product means giving the right recognition to the efforts of people who every day commit themselves to conceiving and creating products that, through their marketing, contribute to raising the original national quality and the brand of the Italian production system.

In front of the growth of the phenomenon of counterfeiting, and also in response to requests from Europe, in recent years much work has been done to provide Italy with a regulatory and institutional framework capable of strengthening the capacity for prevention and conflict.

An ancient and widespread phenomenon, already treated by the author in a previous publication, but which today has assumed worrying dimensions and is configured as a real criminal industry, with serious repercussions both in economic and social terms and a significant impact on the proper functioning of the internal market and consumer security.

The experience of these years leads us to consider the false as a parallel economic sector, a real competitor with which companies must confront and with respect to which they must protect their share of the market, with great difficulties.

The book is the development of the previous publication on the subject, with the necessary and due additions that, over the course of five years, derive from the activity of study, analysis and collaboration with various structures responsible for the conflict of the phenomenon.