Security in intermodal infrastructures

The delocalization of production has changed companies’ strategies towards the search for alternative scenarios with competitive prices, reduced labor and service costs. The transport sector in general has therefore been able to understand the strategic potential of logistics

Simultaneously with the extension of the geographical scope, the need also emerged, within the framework of the International Community and the European Union, to define new rules for adequate and correct risk management related to the sector, with quality and security parameters. In the role of the driving force of this dynamic process of globalization, those intermodal areas, ports and airports are involved in the collection, handling and shipment of goods. The intermodal system, therefore, with its articulated versatility of shipping and multiple or combined transport, offers the transport system a valid contribution of organization and control. At the same time, vulnerabilities emerge combined with the strategic attractiveness of structures as possible targets, from the concentration of large quantities of people and goods, from the immediate and international relevance of any illicit and / or harmful acts perpetrated on the sites

Anticipating the international safety qualification trends, this book is aimed at all operators who in various capacities operate in every sector of the intermodal sector, shipping and transportation of goods. It performs an analysis of the intermodal system in Italy, also considering the European context and focusing on security issues based on international regulations, offering ideas for the creation of a security management and governance system that optimizes everyone’s work the operators involved, reducing time and costs, preserving the security conditions.

An extensive supporting bibliography and a glossary conclude the book.

Stefano Izzi, an expert in corporate security, works as an analyst and consultant for institutional and private multinational structures; he is a lecturer in security matters and since 2009 he is a consultant for the security of the “Interporto of  Prato”, in central Tuscany.

Antonello Colosimo, Director of the Court of Auditors and university professor, former Deputy High Commissioner for Counterfeiting, has held important institutional positions. With the author he has already collaborated in the book Fight against counterfeiting: analysis of the phenomenon, systems and tools of contrast (FrancoAngeli, 2008).