Innovazione tecnologica nella sicurezza


Gray Technology Sagl is the division of ISE SA that deals specifically with technological innovation. It does this by designing, supplying and integrating advanced systems for managing security plans.


The combination of Gray Technology's technological innovation skills and ISN International Security Netcompany research activity (in collaboration with some of the most important security organizations) has generated the WSP Integrated System, a useful platform for managing, in one only environment, the security of large infrastructures.


Thanks to the WSP Web Security Platform integrated security management system, all aspects of infrastructure security can be implemented and managed in an integrated way. The platform allows a complete monitoring of all activities, services and information related to the area subjected to security supervision.

Selection, training, involvement and awareness: these are the key words that describe the core of Gray Technology’s WSP Web Security Platform management system. We believe the continuous training of staff, participation and sharing to be essential elements for successful security management. For this reason, the platform allows diversified access levels by roles and skills. Moreover, our software allows a general view of all the activity flows and the monitoring of information under a perspective of not only health and safety (passive) but also security (active). The control operations performed by the staff and the relative reports available on the management system thus ensure a high level of prevention and security by analyzing data and information and avoiding situations of crisis. At the same time, the identification of possible flaws contributes to the proactive management of security according to plans.